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[古典音乐] Rozhdestvensky - Famous Overtures 2010 [FLAC/44.1/CUE/整轨]

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  Artist: Gennady Rozhdestvensky 羅日傑斯特文斯基 指揮 莫斯科廣播交响樂團
  Details: 享譽音响界,發燒銘盤《首版敲擊卡門》(MELCD1001630) 錄音團隊又一颠峯力作
  精彩收錄<<輕騎兵>> <<詩人與農夫>>…8首最受大眾喜愛&發燒友煲機專用序曲
  俄羅斯原裝進口; 原廠母帶精心轉製
  The overture to Lalo’s lyrical drama “Le roi d’Ys” (“The King of Ys”) was performed in 1876, many years before the opera itself was staged. The introduction was supposed to become some kind of “musical preface”.
  Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet is one of the most famous composers of the 19th century. The overture to Racine’s tragedy “Phèdre” was written by Massenet in 1873.
  Ferdinand Hérold composed more than 20 operas, but the romantic “Zampa, ou La fiancée de marbre (Zampa, or the Marble Bride)” that was first staged in Paris in 1831, is the most well known in many countries. Three years later it was successfully performed in Saint Petersburg Opera House with O.A. Petrov as the title singer.
  Among Thomas’ twenty operas “Mignon” (1866) after Goethe’s novel “Wilhelm Meister’s Schooling” and “Hamlet” (1868) after Shakespeare’s tragedy turned to be the most viable. The audience liked them and these operas were included into the repertoires of the best theatres of the world descent for a long time. In 1871, five years later after its premiere in Paris, the opera “Mignon” was performed by the Italian company in St. Petersburg. The opera “Raymond” was composed in 1851. The melodious and elegant overture to this opera is often included in the repertoire by symphonic orchestras.
  Suppé wrote more than 30 operas and operettas, about 200 farces, comic pieces and other stage productions. The brilliant, sparkling overtures to the operettas “Leichte Kavallerie” (Light Cavalry, 1866), “Die schöne Galathee” (The Beautiful Galatea, 1865), “Dichter und Bauer” (Poet and Peasant, 1846) make up the golden fund of the Viennese musical theatre.
  Gennady Nikolayevich Rozhdestvensky (b. 1931) is a world-famous conductor, also a pianist, composer and researcher; People’s Artist of the USSR and professor. He directed the most important orchestras of Russia and of other countries

Édouard Lalo (1823–1892)
1 “The King of Ys”, overture to the opera 9:43 Jules Massenet (1842–1912)
2 “Phèdre”, overture to the tragedy of Jean-Baptiste Racine 10:10
Ferdinand Hérold (1791–1833)
3 “Zampa”, overture to the opera 7:50
Ambroise Thomas (1811–1896)
4 “Mignon”, overture to the opera 8:27
5 “Raymond”, overture to the opera 7:52
Franz von Suppé (1819–1895)
6 “The Beautiful Galatea”, overture to the operetta 7:02
7 “Light Cavalry”, overture to the operetta 6:28
8 “Poet and Peasant”, overture to the operetta 9:13
Total playing time: 66.45. Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor – Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Recorded in 1964 (1–5), 1962 (6,7), 1963 (8)


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