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[欧美及世界] 神秘园/Secret Garden - Nocturne- The 25th Anniversary Collection 2020 [FLAC/24bit/44.1khz]

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Nocturne- The 25th Anniversary Collection.jpg

New Release: 25th Anniversary of our Eurovision Win

Dear Friends!

We hope that you are all safe and managing to hold strong during this unprecedented time in history. We’ve decided that we won’t let it stand in the way of us celebrating triumphs in our lives. So, in that spirit, we have exciting news for you!

2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of our Eurovision win in 1995. So, we are celebrating with a new Secret Garden collection!  is set for release next Friday, May 8th. The album will be a retrospective collection of our music, alongside new acoustic performances, and musical rarities.

Opening with and named after the plaintive, evocative Eurovision-winning ‘Nocturne’, the collection spans our whole career. Our music has always been about storytelling, ‘stories without words’ if you will. This collection tells a story that’s spanned 25 years.

The retrospective wouldn’t be complete without the original and first ever recording of “You Raise Me Up”, a song that we recorded for the first time with Brian Kennedy singing in 2001, and which now stands alongside over 1,000 others, in 40 different languages.

For us our music is all about chemistry. It’s as if we have our own invisible musical bond between the two of us, the band and you!! It’s always been like that from day one. We feel the 25th anniversary of that bond _is_ worth celebrating! … and we truly hope that you will celebrate with us.

1        Nocturne
2        Song From A Secret Garden
3        Adagio
4        Serenade To Spring
5        Papillon
6        Passacaglia
7        Illumination
8        Moving
9        Hymn To Hope
10        Elan
11        Dreamcatcher
12        The Promise
13        Once In A Red Moon
14        You Raise Me Up
15        Sleepsong
16        Sometimes When It Rains
17        The Things You Are To Me
18        Frozen In Time
19        Heartstrings
20        The Pilot
21        End Of A Journey
22        Adagio (Piano Version)
23        Reflection (Piano Version)
24        Air (from the Expo Suite)
25        Lament (from the Expo Suite)



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